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About CD Makers

CD Makers is one of the trading names of Andrew Host.

Andrew has been involved with audio in a professional capacity for nearly 40 years.

History of CD Makers

CD Makers was one of the first CD recording services, starting business in 1993.

Back in those days, CD recorders were eight thousand dollars and blank discs were sixty dollars each. That's EACH - not per spindle of a hundred!

CD Makers began with an Audio Design CD recorder and a Panasonic SV-3700 DAT player

After five years of business, in 1998, Andrew joined CD-ROM Services Pty Ltd in North Sydney, and CD Makers was absorbed into their business.

Whilst keeping links with CD-ROM Services, Andrew re-launched CD Makers as a separate entity in 2010, operating from a studio in Thornleigh, in Sydney's north-west.

With 28 years of CD recording experience, and over 40 years working professionally with audio, Andrew is well qualified to extract the best quality transfer of your audio.

Additionally, we use only the finest quality USB drives and recordable discs, with archive-grade gold discs also available.

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Association Membership

Andrew Host, owner and operator of CD Makers, is a member of:

Oral History NSW Inc

Sydney Stereo Camera Club

Other Pursuits

Andrew Host is never sitting around, twiddling his thumbs, wondering what to do. While it's true to say that audio is a major part of his life, he has fingers in more than one pie.

Oral History

Andrew Host has been a member of Oral History NSW since 2011, and has recorded many people's life stories.

He can professionally record you or your loved one telling the story of their life for future generations to hear.

Transcription of the audio to a text document is also available.

Stereo Photography

Also referred to as 3D photography, Andrew has been taking stereo photos since 1979, initially with two parallel cameras, but then with a dedicated 3D camera, the Stereo Realist camera from the USA.

After briefly dabbling with a pair of Nikon film cameras, and then a Loreo lens on a Canon EOS SLR camera, Andrew has now embraced the digital era, firstly with a pair of SDM enabled Canon cameras, secondly with a Fuji W1 3D camera, and currently with a JVC full high definition 3D camcorder.

SDM (or Stereo Data Maker) is software for certain models of Canon camera that, amongst other features, enables two cameras to be synchronized to within a ten thousandth of a second.

Andrew is now offering his stereo photographic expertise as a commercial service, under the trading name, 3D Photo Memories. His services are ideal for weddings and other special occasions.

FileMaker Pro Developer

Andrew is also an expert FileMaker Pro developer, under the trading name StudioData.

Andrew has customised FileMaker Pro for several customers. His achievements include the KIS PCS production control software which keeps CD-ROM Services Pty Ltd in North Sydney running smoothly.