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Noise Reduction - Making Bad Audio Better

With over 30 years of professional audio post production experience, a keen ear and with a range of sophisticated audio tools, Andrew Host, owner of CD Makers, can improve the clarity of most poor quality audio.

Uses For Noise Reduction


CD Makers has done many jobs for lawyers and solicitors, making poorly recorded audio required for evidence audible again. Distant voice recordings buried in background noise can often be made audible again.

Confidentiality is guaranteed.

Oral History

Sometimes recordings have been made of family members talking about their life stories. These recordings may have been made with the best of intentions, but sometimes without the technical skill to make a good quality recording. Often voices are distant and buried in background noise. CD Makers can usually make the voices audible again.

No Risk

Noise Reduction is not an automated process. It requires skill and judgment from the operator of the equipment.

And every job is different. We're not crazy enough to proclaim that every noise reduction job is successful. Sometimes the voices are buried so far down in the noise that it's impossible to extract the voices in any clearly audible way.

Pay nothing if you don't like the result

Because the results are so variable, we will always provide a sample of the noise reduction before proceeding with the work. If you don't like what you hear in the sample, you will be under no obligation to proceed and there will be no charge for us to provide the sample. The only cost will be the cost of postage if you need us to post the original tape back to you. If there's no postage involved then there will be no charge at all if you're unhappy with the sample.

Noise Reduction Pricing

If you do like the sample and you want us to proceed, then prices vary depending on the duration of the audio and the severity of the noise being reduced. Prices typically start at $100 but can be a few hundred dollars for lengthy, difficult audio.

We will provide a firm quote at the time of providing the sample.

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