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Betamax - one of the many video formats that CD Makers can transfer.

Betamax to DVD transfer

Betamax and VHS tapes deteriorate with age perhaps worse than most other media.

If you have precious video recordings on Betamax video tape, do not wait too long before having it transferred.

CD Makers still has two high quality Sony Betamax players with hi-fi audio capability to ensure that the very best quality is extracted from your tapes.

You can choose to have your recording transferred to high quality Japanese made recordable DVDs, archive-grade gold recordable DVDs, or you can supply your own hard-drive to have the files transferred to.

Transfer Options

  • Betamax to premium-grade recordable DVD.
    • Convienient - plays on computers equipped with an optical drive and stand-alone DVD players.
  • Betamax to archive-grade gold recordable DVD.
    • For precious recordings. Accelerated aging tests indicate that if these discs are handled and stored correctly, they will last for a hundred or more years.
  • Betamax to MPEG-2 or DV-AVI file.
    • Recorded to USB flash memory or external USB hard disk drive.
    • Many hours of video can be compiled onto a single USB drive.
    • Many modern televisions will play an MPEG-2 or MP4 video file directly from a USB drive.
    • Video files from a USB drive can easily be copied using a computer.
    • Conversion to MP4 (H264) and Prores available.

Betamax Specifications

CD Makers can transfer Betamax tapes recorded with the following options:

  • TV system:
    • PAL (Australian)
  • Recording Speed:
    • Standard Play
  • Audio:
    • Hi-fi Stereo
    • Linear Mono

CD Makers cannot transfer Betamax tapes recorded using the American NTSC or French SECAM formats.

Maximum Duration

Betamax Cassette Typical duration Number of DVDs required - good quality Number of DVDs required - best quality
L-500 2 hours 10 minutes 1 to 2 DVDs 2 to 3 DVDs
L-750 3 hours 15 minutes 2 DVDs 3 to 4 DVDs
L-830 3 hours 35 minutes 2 DVDs 4 DVDs

The maximum duration of a DVD encoded with good quality is 2 hours.
The maximum duration of a DVD encoded with best quality is 1 hour.

Betamax vs Betacam

Betamax was the video format invented by Sony and released in the mid-1970s, although it was not until the 1980s that it became popular.

Betacam evolved from the Betamax and used the same shaped video cassette, but Betacam recordings were not compatible with Betamax players. Betacam was used primarily for television news footage.

Betacam SP was a further refinement of the Betacam format, vastly improving the quality.

The good news is that it makes no difference whether you have a Betamax, Betacam or Betacam SP tape. CD Makers can transfer them all.


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Australian copyright law prohibits commercially produced video tapes from being copied unless you have written permission of the copyright owner. The law that allows commercially produced music to be copied for personal use does not apply to video tapes.

CD Makers is very strict with copyright. For us to copy your audio or video, you or a member of your family must be the creator and the performer of the works that are recorded.

Otherwise you will need written permission from whoever owns the copyright.

Please view our Copyright information

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