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Compiling and editing audio and video - one of the many services of CD Makers.


Have you bought a new piece of audio or video equipment, but don't quite have the hang of using it?

Have you downloaded Audacity, and even gone to YouTube to see how to use it, but still can't get your head around it?

Do you have a record player and a computer but don't know how to link the two together so that you can copy your vinyl records?

One-on-One Assistance

There is no substitute for one-on-one expert assistance.

Andrew Host can spend time teaching you how to use that piece of audio editing software, or that new digital recorder, that new video camera, or help you get your record player connected to your computer.

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Phone now on 02 8094 1212 to discuss with Andrew how he can help you with your particular training needs, or send us your details and we'll contact you.

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