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CD Makers has closed down

At five o'clock on the afternoon of 31st May 2023, CD Makers closed down after 30 years of business.

Thank you

Thank you to all my customers, those who have had one job done, and those who've been with me many times since 1993.

The journey has not been without mistakes, but I leave with a clear conscience, knowing that at all times I have done my very best.

With best wishes to all,
Andrew Host.


If you need to contact me, please phone 02 8094 1212.
This phone is no longer being answered directly, but if you leave a voicemail I will return your call - maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but when I am able.


You are welcome to send me a message using the following form.
Please bear in mind that the business is closed, and you may not receive a response today or tomorrow. I will respond when I am able.






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