Audio and Video transfers to CD and DVD | CD Makers, Sydney, Australia


Pricing of transfer from audio or video tape is charged by duration of the recorded audio or video.

The minimum charge is for one hour, and thereafter the charge is per minute.

With such a large variety of audio and video formats available and with pricing varying depending on the quantity of tapes requested, it is best to let us know your needs and we'll quickly get back to you with a quote.

Fill in as much information as you can. Leave blank any field that you're not sure about or is irrelevant.

During business hours, we will normally be back to you within an hour.
Outside business hours you should expect us to be back to you on the next business day.

Type of Audio TapesNumber of tapesTotal Duration
Audio Cassettes
Reel to Reel tape
Vinyl Records
Digital Audio Tapes (DAT)
Mini Discs
PCM 501
PCM 501 recording medium
Other Audio Format


Type of Video TapesNumber of tapesTotal Duration
Betamax (home)
Betacam (professional)
Betacam SP
Mini DV
U-matic (lo-band)
Other video format
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You can collect from us at Thornleigh, or from one of our agents in Westleigh or Bondi Junction.

We can also post using Australia Post, or if you prefer to receive your goods by courier, the following quote calculator will give an indication of the cost.

The calculator is based on a 3 kilogram carton with dimensions of 50 centimetres high, long and deep.
The price may be higher if the weight is more than 3 kilograms or if the dimensions are larger than 50x50x50 centimetres.
Conversely, the price may be less for lighter and smaller parcels.