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We are allowed to copy audio and video only if we are not breaching copyright laws. In summary:

We can copy:

  • Any material you or your family have created, such as family recordings of people talking, children singing songs, your own musical performances.
  • Recordings of your wedding, barmitzvah, or similar special occasion.
  • Any copyright material for which you've obtained permission from the copyright owner.
  • Any other audio permitted by the Australian Copyright Act

We cannot copy:

  • Any copyright material that has already been copied from a record, CD or tape.
  • Any commercially produced videotapes unless you have written permission from the copyright owner AND the tape is recorded without copy protection technology.
  • Anything taped from the radio (unless you have permission from the radio station).
  • DJ Mixes.
  • Anything downloaded from the Internet

If you're not sure, please phone us on 02 8094 1212 to discuss it with us.

What copyright law says about transferring records.

In December 2006, the law in Australia was changed to allow you to record audio from one format to another without having to seek permission from the copyright owner, for example from CD to MP3, or from vinyl record to CD.

The conditions for this include:

  • The recordings must be only for your personal use or the use of members of your household.
  • You must keep the original medium. If you dispose of the original medium you must also dispose of the copy.
  • Copyright in a sound recording lasts for 70 years after the year in which the recording was first published. The content of the sound recording remains subject to copyright for 70 years after the year in which the composer dies.

This is only a very brief summary of Australian copyright law. Breaching copyright law is a serious criminal offence. If you're unsure about whether or not you're doing the right thing, you should obtain professional legal advice from a solicitor or lawyer.

You can have a look to see what the Australian Copyright Act has to say or contact us.

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