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CD Makers repairs broken audio cassette tapes.

Audio Tape Repair

Audio cassette tape is flimsy and easily damaged. And there are many causes of tape damage.

The good news is that CD Makers can repair most broken audio cassette tapes.

We can also repair broken splices in reel-to-reel tape.

CD Makers compiles audio and data from various sources.

Compiling and Editing

CD Makers can provide custom compilations of audio or video from several tapes, or we can edit your material just the way you want it (subject to copyright restrictions).

We can compile to CD, DVD, USB flash memory or external Windows-formatted hard drive.

CD Makers bakes audio and video tapes to stop them squeaking.

Tape Baking

Squealing tapes are not only an annoyance, but continuing to play a squealing tape can permanently damage the recording and sometimes the player too.

The most likely cause of squealing audio cassette and open-reel tapes is that over a long period of time, the binder that holds the magnetic particles to the backing of the tape absorbs moisture from the atmosphere causing it to become "sticky".

CD Makers offers a tape baking service to restore your squealing tapes. We've successfully baked hundreds of tapes.

Compiling and editing audio and video - one of the many services of CD Makers.

Noise Reduction

Voices that are buried in background noise can often be brought out of the noise to be made audible again.

With over 30 years of professional audio post production experience, a keen ear and with a range of sophisticated audio tools, Andrew Host, owner of CD Makers, can improve the clarity of most poor quality audio.

Over 40 years of professional audio experience, excellent equipment, and attention to detail all ensure that you will receive a superb audio transfer.

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